Therese Mills

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Hi I'm Therese! I made my final vows with the Missionaries of Gods Love in November 2008. I have never been married but I have to say that this day was like my wedding day, I loved it! I never thought about religious life. At school all I ever wanted to do was to become a nurse or a police officer and get married and have a couple of kids.

I did none of these and instead became a Child Care worker. I worked as a Pre-school group leader for about 7 years and loved it. When I was younger I knew a bit about God but I didn't know him personally. He seemed like a faraway God. I knew he must have been someone amazing as I can remember my Grandmother having a beautiful relationship with Jesus, which was reflected in her life. And witnessing the incredible faith my Mother has is awesome and inspiring for me.

In year 11, I went to a youth group called 'Antioch' and developed a friendship with Jesus. It was in this group that I realised Jesus was real, so much so that I tried to live a more committed Christian life. My friendship with Jesus changed my life so much so that one of my teachers at school thought something terrible must have happened to me (because I was acting 'different' - not getting into trouble!) and asked me to see the school counsellor. Nothing terrible happened, but something so amazing happened, Jesus was changing my heart for the better.

Over the years my relationship with Jesus, and my involvement in the Church grew. There was always something in the back of my mind about becoming a Sister but I used to think that I was too bad, not holy enough, and I didn't know any young Nuns at all. Six years after finishing high school I went to a Summer school of Evangelisation (a week long Christian camp) with 200 other young people who were keen about Jesus. I only went to this camp because it was in a big city and because I'd have a holiday, and because the Parish Priest was paying.

I met the MGL Sisters there and was inspired by their way of life. It was at this camp where I can say that I really discovered the love Jesus had for me. My love for Jesus grew from this point. I joined Disciples of Jesus Community in my hometown in 1997 (just after the week long Christian camp) and in 1998 I went to an 'Asia-Pacific School of Evangelisation,' (A three month Evangelisation course). This school took place in the same city as where the Sisters lived so I wanted to check them out a bit more as well as attending the School.

A part of this 3-month course was a mission phase of 4 weeks in Manilla (Philippines). It was in this time that Jesus placed the desire for and an excitement for consecrated life in my heart. I spent some time with the Sisters and was deeply attracted to their prayer, simplicity, their way of life and the idea for living for Jesus alone. I knew I had to do something about this desire and pray and seriously look at it.

The following year I prayed about it and kept in contact with the Sisters and in the year 2000 I left my home town (Cairns) and joined them. It has been an amazing time and I'm glad Jesus drew me here. He was onto a good thing. The following Psalm sums up my understanding of my consecration. "In heaven I have only you, on this earth you are all I want" Psalm 73:25

One of my roles as an MGL Sisters is having the opportunity to take young people on mission. I used to say that one of the best jobs that I ever did was dressing up as B1 (Banana in Pyjamas) to do childrens parties, but, the opportunity to take young people on mission and seeing lives change is by far the greatest experience ever!

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