Rosie Drum

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rosie 200I was raised in a family that was pretty open to promoting vocations. In fact, Mum often prayed for more priests, brothers and sisters. Nevertheless, the clearest thought I had for my future was that I’d marry a farmer when I reached the age for that and work as a journalist. However, when I was 18, God began to reveal to me his plan for my future.

I attended a Summer School of Evangelisation run by the Disciples of Jesus Community just after I completed my final year of school. I was blown away to meet young people who had a depth of faith that I didn’t have but truly wanted. Over the week, however, through times of Eucharistic Adoration and through hearing inspired talks and teachings, I encountered Jesus in a very personal way. As I realised for the first time what a rich blessing my faith in Christ and his Church was, I was struck by the unequal distribution of the truth in our society and wanted to do something about it.

This led me in time to youth ministry and to a deeper consideration of what the most important thing I could do with my life was. With the evidence all around me of many young people suffering from loneliness, purposelessness and self-doubt, due to a lack of the wealth that I had, I just wanted people to know how much they were loved by God. At about this time, I was trying to be open to the possibility that God might be asking me to do this with the whole of my life as a consecrated woman. I felt equally drawn to both marriage and religious life, and I believed I’d be pretty suited to either, but I also thought, being a bit of a romantic, that I just wanted to be proposed to – to have some fellow languishing at my feet! I told the Lord this in prayer, and the next day while praying I came across this passage: “As a young man takes a virgin as his bride, so your God will marry you. And as a bridegroom delights in his bride, so your God will delight in you” (Isaiah 62:5). I realised that this was my proposal and what was more, Jesus really cared deeply about how I responded to it.

In time I responded with a yes to consecrating my life to Jesus within the Missionaries of God’s Love. I found the charismatic and Eucharistic spirituality of MGL to be where I could best express my love for the Lord, and I felt strongly called to the work of evangelisation. I entered in 2004 and made my Final Vows on 11th February, 2012. It has been a challenging and life-changing journey, but one I know I have been called to. Ah, the happiness of doing what I’m supposed to with my life!

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