Katherine Stone

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Photo for Katherines personal storyThe first time I remember admitting to myself that I had a vocation to consecrated life, I was about nine years old.  It was not, however, something I wanted for my life.  I was blessed with a home and family where my faith was nurtured, so as I grew older, my response to God’s love for me and His call on my life also grew.  When I was about thirteen, I told my parents about this sense of call.  I remember at the time feeling honoured and privileged that God had chosen and called me for Himself alone, but also very overwhelmed.  Because I loved God, I told Him I was willing to give my whole life to Him in this way, if this was really where He was calling me.  But it still wasn’t something I wanted for myself.

By seventeen, when I finished school, I’d reached a compromise with God.  I would follow His call to consecrated life, but He had to show me where to go and make me want to go.  So far, that hadn’t happened, so I mostly just pushed the question of vocation aside, and focused instead on what I should study at Uni.  I prayed a lot that summer for some kind of direction in life…and found myself at a vocations seminar run by the Missionaries of God’s Love (how I got there is a whole story of its own!).  I remember sitting listening to Fr Ken speak, and thinking, “I really respect that.  If I ever do become a sister, those are the sorts of things I’d be looking for in the group I’d join.”  Then Judy got up to speak, and somewhere in the middle of what she was saying, something fell into place – my heart was saying, “Yes, yes, this is what I want, this is where I will find fullness of life,” and God was saying, “Yes, yes, this is where I want you, this is what I’ve chosen for you.”  That conviction has never left me.

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